Ever since its establishment, in 2005, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone has been committed to enhancing a wide, inclusive access to culture, science, and the arts. We strongly believe that the dissemination of knowledge and practises can pave the way for a society richer in opportunities and solutions, and capable of constantly evolving.

Over time, through our daily work in the field, we have increasingly focused on younger people and their education: they are our future, and believing in their potential is not enough; we need to orient it, sustain it, and guide it.

For innovative ideas to turn into tangible projects, skills and tools are needed: each and every one of our educational projects aims at achieving this precious combination, the final goal always being allowing the new generations to be the forgers of their own future.

Every new class starts with a group of boys and girls and their dreams… we walk side by side them along a stretch of a path that will make them more aware, more qualified, and that will perhaps turn them into entrepreneurs or managers… for sure, into active citizens respectful of a complex world that needs all their care.

Alessandro Garrone, Chairman

Edoardo Garrone ritratto da Flavio Costantini


Since 2004, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone – which was established by the philanthropist initiative of the Garrone and Mondini families – has been promoting the social, economic and cultural development of local areas and communities, making the new generations real drivers of change and innovation. Being a family foundation Fondazione Edoardo Garrone is indeed devoted to the development of projects capable of responding to the community’s specific needs, and invests resources and skills to foster educational and training programmes that will create value over time. Moreover, being an operating foundation, it is directly involved in the ideation, implementation and follow-up of every single project, relying on the scientific support of experts and on a constantly-evolving network. The Foundation, indeed, strongly believes in forging partnerships with entities playing an active role in fields and sectors that are related to its own areas of interest.



Today, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone’s core activity is supporting entrepreneurship in mountain areas, thanks to the residential (on-campus) business courses ReStartApp® and ReStartAlp®. Every year, these enterprise-incubation residential programmes offer young aspiring entrepreneurs free intensive training, and the opportunity to turn their ideas into real business.


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The Foundation’s commitment to mountain areas, the High Lands, was confirmed by the AppenninoLab project – an educational/career guidance course targeted at upper secondary school pupils above the age of 18. Younger pupils, in turn, have been involved in Genova Scoprendo (Discovering Genoa), a project aimed at unveiling the city’s cultural and environmental heritage and assets.

Aware of the huge potential and constant growth of the third sector, starting in 2017 Fondazione Edoardo Garrone has been implementing the Fundraising Coaching Plus” project for NPOs in the Liguria region, which, thanks to this initiative can access higher-education courses and tailored consultancy services.