Lo spettacolo siamo noi!
(We are the real show!)

Theatre as a PLACE to stage and portray the multiple possible representations of civic education as a subject capable of creating a deep connection with young people, their everyday life, their inner world, and their interests, doubts and aspirations.
Theatre as TIME – time to put imagination to the test, to access possibilities, and to go beyond the limits of commonplace.
Theatre as a WORKSHOP dealing with citizenship, life, history and change by fully involving all human experiential realms – the cognitive, emotional, and physical one.
Theatre as a composite, flexible and inclusive LANGUAGE, capable of reaching out and connecting – a language which requires in-depth study, concentration and training and which restores awareness, openness, and empathy.
This is the idea behind the project Lo spettacolo siamo noi! (We are the real show!) targeted at Genoese schools of all levels, but designed to be subsequently expanded to reach public schools

The programme

As part of this project – developed in close cooperation with school teachers – pupils have a chance to learn about a wide range of theatre productions and, helped by playwrights and actors, try themselves at writing and putting on stage real theatre pièces. They thus become the authors, directors, and set & lighting designers of a performance staged by professional actors.
In addition to the great responsibility of identifying an important message and conveying it through art and creativity, the project also implies an intensive conceptual and design work, as well as the ability to experiment with forms of expressions and skills that are too often obliterated by all-pervading technology.

School as a workshop to promote active, responsible citizenship

In accordance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, which require 33 hours of civic education per year, the play written and staged by the students during the 2023 edition will focus on

  • the principles of EQUITY, FREEDOM and RESPECT enshrined in the Italian CONSTITUTION

Theatre - an opportunity for the city... and beyond

Besides being an opportunity for learning and career orientation, Lo spettacolo siamo noi contributes to enhancing and promoting several city areas. Indeed, at the end of the project, each performance will take place either on the stage of a Genoese theatre or in the streets and squares of the city centre.

With a view to spreading the culture of circularity and daily sustainability good practices, the costumes and settings will be made and built by creatively reusing clothes and objects, thereby offering to all the children involved yet another tangible experience of active and responsible citizenship.

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