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Organising an event requires skills, planning, synergies, and creativity – all ingredients needed to promote local areas and their unique resources.

This is how the new edition of AppenninoLab, FEG’s project aimed at Genoa upper secondary schools, came to light.

Goal: to plan and hold LA GIORNATA DELL’APPENNINO (THE APPENINES’ DAY). Six classes from six Genoa schools, motivated and guided by as many nationally recognised mentors, join efforts to organise an event looking to promote the Apennines and their environmental, cultural, and gastronomic resources.

From local produce to cuisine, from outdoor activities to entertainment, Italy’s mountain chain offers countless opportunities, which – thanks to specific skills that they have learnt at school and supported by their mentor – the pupils will have to be able to identify and share with others, creating an event also involving and engaging the local population. Apennine villages and their residents will indeed play a key role, first and foremost that of hosting of the event.

AppenninoLab 2021

Ecco “lo staff” della Giornata dell’Appennino 2021:
  • Liceo musicale S. Pertini con Elio Calamaro – Primo violino orchestra sinfonica Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
  • Liceo scientifico L. Da Vinci con Pino Petruzzelli – Regista, autore e attore del Teatro Nazionale di Genova
  • I.S.S. B. Marsano – Istituto agrario con Sergio Rossi – Cucinosofo
  • P.S.S.A. N. Bergese – Istituto alberghiero con Marco Visciola – Chef del Ristorante IL MARIN
  • I.S.S. Firpo-Buonarroti – Indirizzo Turismo con Aldo Buzio – esperto di Marketing del territorio
  • I.S. Vittorio Emanuele II – Ruffini – Istituto tecnico – Grafica e comunicazione con Franco Melis – Responsabile relazioni con le aziende di Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la cultura
Participating in LA GIORNATA DELL’APPENINO is a unique chance for all the pupils involved, allowing them to discover the Apennines and to contribute to their promotion, while also actively getting in touch with a precious heritage that holds important opportunities for their future.

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