Tra le righe
(Between the lines)

Reading, interpreting, rephrasing, imagining, writing and drawing together to become the authors of a story – or many stories – to keep at one’s fingertips: in the class library, under one’s desk, hanging on the wall or in one’s rucksack. But also to be told, given as a present to family and friends in order to remember that, day after day, words and signs define and build the world where we live.

Tra le Righe (Between the lines) is a project carried out in cooperation with the Andersen magazine and the Sarvego Festival to offer pupils from primary and lower secondary school the opportunity to read and write literature on topics related to Sustainability and Active, Responsible Citizenship.

Acting as both readers and authors, children are able to explore and experiment with the languages of literature for children and adolescents, creating new contents and creatively sharing their emotions, ideas, and projects for a better society.

The programme

  • Workshops for schools
  • Training programmes for teachers
  • Sarvego Festival

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